Cookery School Review from a travelling Scotsman

cooking school review

Thank you to travelling Scotsman Neil Robertson who came to do a cookery course with me and then wrote this amazing review.

Neil’s enthusiasm was wonderful as was his love for curry paralleled only by his love of all things Scottish. To quote him “As a Glasgow boy, curry is a way of life.”, so of course he we had a very productive morning in the kitchen!

Here’s a few highlights from his review:

“So what did I get from the course?

A really fun morning for a start. Yasmin was a pleasure to learn from and was very keen to share her top tips from the Punjab in a fun and thought-provoking way.”

“In terms of the end product I came away with a glorious halibut curry that will become a regular to wheel out nonchalantly whenever I need to impress. In that kind of “oh aye, this is what we have every night don’t you know” way. In addition a couple of outstanding accompanying dishes in the form of a Masoor Dahl and a Cucumber Raita.”

“As well as the cooking classes, Scotia Spice offers a range of cooking kits that are a treasure chest of ideas to get anyone started on their curry journey. Aside from being remarkably easy to follow and deliver, the dishes are also healthy, affordable and different to what I have worked with in the past from cookbooks and online.”

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