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Use our curry spice kits to show off new skills with authentic Punjabi food made from scratch.

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Packed with generations of know-how

Authentic Punjabi Curry Spice Kits

  • Our deluxe chicken curry kit showing the box and its contents

    Deluxe Chicken Curry Kit


    Learn to make six delicious dishes, three chicken mains, a vegetarian main and two tasty side dishes. A perfect Christmas gift for chicken lovers.

  • A product shot of our deluxe lamb curry making kit

    Deluxe Lamb Curry Kit


    Use these curry spice kits to make six authentic dishes twice. With three lamb main dishes, a pakora recipe and two sides, this is one for the meat lovers out there.

  • A product shot of our deluxe vegetarian spice curry kit showing its contents

    Deluxe Vegetarian Curry Kit


    With six recipes and enough dried ingredients to cook each one twice over. A delicious experience and a beautiful present for vegetarians.

Curry Spice Kits

Recipe Trios

  • A product shot of our bestsellers curry packs kit and its contents

    Bestsellers Recipe Kit Gift Pack


    This gift pack contains three single recipe kits, each making a meal for four. Chicken, lamb and cauliflower and potato curries, our all-time bestsellers!

  • A product shot of our DIY curry kit showing the delicious recipes to choose from

    Choose Your Own Three Recipe Kits


    Tailor make the perfect Xmas present by choosing three of our single recipe kits to create your own DIY curry kit. Each makes a meal for four making twelve servings in total.

  • A product shot of our Indian curry gift set showing the vegetarian recipes that are included in the set

    Vegetarian Recipe Kit Gift Pack


    Ideal for giving to vegetarians these three curry spice kits, making twelve servings, provide a great balance of delicious dishes for them to try.

  • A product shot of our Punjabi curry kit showing the 3 pescatarian recipes it contains

    Pescatarian Recipe Gift Pack


    This is one for the fish lovers out there, tasty salmon and prawn dishes, complemented by potato and pea curry. Twelve servings in total.

  • A product shot of our Yasmins choice cook at home curry kits showing the recipes included in the gift pack

    Yasmin’s Choice Recipe Kit Gift Pack


    Authentic and delicious dishes and favourites of Yasmin herself. Three kits each making four servings, a wonderful gift for any food lover.

  • A product shot of our meat lovers curry making gift set showing the authentic recipes included in the gift pack

    Meat Lovers Recipe Kit Gift Pack


    Why not try rich lamb curry, aromatic chicken curry and quick and tasty keema, each kit making four portions. No surprise that this is an extremely popular gift for men!

Curry Spice Kits

Single Recipe Kits

  • A product shot of our chicken curry recipe kits

    Chicken Curry Recipe Kit


    A classic, aromatic chicken curry, passed from generation to generation, full of flavour and serving four. It really is an ideal stocking filler.

  • A product shot of our lamb curry cooking kit

    Lamb Curry Recipe Kit


    Rich, savoury and authentic this delicious lamb curry is always a family treat. Makes four mouthwatering portions.

  • A product shot of our cauliflower and potato Indian curry recipe kit

    Cauliflower and Potato Curry Recipe Kit


    The highest quality spices bring out the aromas of this classic combination in this kit, serving four. Super for vegans at Christmas.

  • A product shot of our tandoori salmon Indian curry spice packs

    Tandoori Salmon Recipe Kit


    Everyone loves a tandoori dish and you can make this in your oven at home, the spices beautifully complement succulent salmon. Serves four.

  • A product shot of our masoor dhal Indian recipe kit

    Masoor Dhal Recipe Kit


    The ultimate comfort food, a staple in India and Pakistan and beloved by vegetarians, you can’t go wrong with this little gift, feeding four.

  • A product shot of our prawn authentic curry kit

    North Atlantic Prawn Curry Recipe Kit


    Packed with flavour, a beautifully spiced curry for prawn lovers this kit makes four portions. We think you’ll agree it’s wonderful for Christmas Stockings!

  • A product shot of our carrot and cumin Indian curry kit

    Carrot and Cumin Curry Recipe Kit


    Fragrant and carefully spiced, this little kit serves four and has a bit of a cult following . A perfect vegetarian gift for the Christmas season.

  • A product shot of our lamb keema curry recipe kit

    Lamb Keema Recipe Kit


    A Christmas Eve tradition for Yasmin and her family, this is easy to make and and so very tasty. Serves four from this kit.

  • A product shot of our potato and pea curry spice mix kits

    Potato and Pea Curry Recipe Kit


    A firm family favourite, the sweetness of peas are enhanced by stunning Punjabi spices. Four portions in this kit.

Curry Spice Kits

Packed with generations of know-how

Yasmin’s Authentic Curry Spice Kits

Curry Spice Kits 1 Beautiful


Beautiful box

Curry Spice Kits number 2


Personalised touches

Curry Spice Kits 3 Inspired Dishes


Inspired dishes

Curry Spice Kits 4 Treasured Moments


Treasured moments

All kits just require fresh ingredients to create delicious food; they have everything you need to bring the
wonder of Punjabi cooking into your home.

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