What inspired our Indian spice kits

“My family comes from the Pakistani Punjab where facilities were basic but food was abundant. It was grown on the family farm, cooked simply and spiced with the creativity that comes from generations of understanding flavour. It’s one pot cooking of the very best kind.”

“I’ve always taught authentic Punjabi food the way I learnt from my mum, my aunties and Ammi-ji, my gran. This is what I pass on in our Indian Spice Kits.”

Indian Spice Kits Spiced with Creativity
Images of Yasmin's family | Indian spice kits from Scotia Spice
Images of Yasmin's family and how Scotia Spice started | Indian spice kits

Our Passion

The food we love

“I grew up in a house full of the warm comforting aromas of Punjabi cooking. We ate all kinds of food in our home but it’s the fragrant curries, comforting dahls and freshly made raitas that linger in my memory.”

“I cherish the warm embrace from fresh, tasty and spicy food, especially when it’s cooked by someone you love. Showing people how easy it is to make my food in their own homes, through our cookery courses and Indian Spice kits. “

Am image of happy customers at Scotia Spice cookery school | Indian spice kits

Our Purpose

What we do

“How much? I used to ask of a certain spice to put into a dish. Let me show you how much the pot needs was invariably my Mum’s reply.”

“At my cookery school I teach authentic Punjabi food the way I learnt from my Mum and Dad, the way they learnt from their parents.
Our Indian spice kits are a cookery experience which give you everything you need to cook the food I grew up with yourself. Just add fresh ingredients.”

“I hope that we can take you on a journey into the world of cooking delicious Punjabi food in your own home for you and your loved ones.”

Am image of Scotia Spice recipes | Indian spice kits

Our Special Mix

The Team

Indian Spice Kits Friendly and Helpful
Indian Spice Kits Yasmin Photo



General manager and the person who kicked it all off with her love of family food, Yasmin likes nothing better than making the team a curry.
Indian Spice Kits Stuart Finance Photo



As well as running his own accountancy practice, Yasmin’s husband gets to eat lots of Punjabi food. He’s our numbers man.
Indian Spice Kits Kalim Photo



Kalim loves bouldering and Playstation pretty much equally. He’s our ‘go to’ for anything IT, it’s second nature to him.

Indian Spice Kits Z digital Photo


Digital marketing

Z loves travel, food and family in that order (he says he’s only kidding)! He keeps us right on all things digital marketing.
Indian Spice Kits Lorna Photo



This is Lorna’s gorgeous pooch Coco because Lorna is a little bit photo shy unlike Coco. She’s our production whizz kid.
Indian Spice Kits Melissa Photo


Production & Logistics

Melissa prides herself as a crazy cat lady and is a very talented hobby artist when she’s not sorting out our curry kits.
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