Lockdown and Dhal!


I just wanted to say hello in these very strange times that we are living in. Life has changed for every one of us and there are huge challenges but hopefully silver linings too.

We had a lot of exciting new plans for this year which for understandable reasons won’t happen now. I’m very saddened that I will not see many of you at the events we usually gather at to chat and catch up, and where you always amaze me with your ongoing support of my small business. Many of you have, and all of you can, order online, it’s very humbling and massively appreciated to see your support in such turbulent times. For now we have plenty of stock so a delicious curry is only a delivery away.

On a personal note, it was initially very sobering and a little scary to find so many of the foods I take for granted on my shops shelves no longer there, bread flour and yeast , an abundance of fruit and vegetables, milk at anytime of day.

In just a few weeks I’m used to standing in queues and knowing some of the things I want aren’t available…. and I’m finding new pleasures. Appreciation of the vegetables I can get after I’ve waited in line for my chance to go round the produce in my farm shop, and excitement about how I might turn them into a nourishing meal for my family, all back under one roof again; time to consider the myriad of brave people who have, grow, pick, deliver and sell the food we’re eating, at risk to themselves . Scary times bringing silver linings.

I expect many of you like me are finding store cupboard ingredients are coming more and more to the front. Yes, I am going to go on about lentils, again! Tasty, nutritious, protein packed and cheap, most lentils seem to be available on the shelves. So it seems like a good time to post one of my dhal recipes.

This is made with good old fashioned red lentils if you don’t have them substitute with any other lentils but remember the texture may be different. It’s a delicious dish cold too, have it as part of a salad bowl or in a sandwich or on crispbreads. I’ve listed the spices that you need in the recipe but you can also get hold of our dhal recipe kit right here on the website using the ‘buy’ button.

Enjoy, and stay safe everyone.


Yasmin’s Delicious Dhal

15m prep/ 45m cooking/makes 4 servings

250g red lentils
1l water
2 large onion, halved and sliced
2 garlic clove, crushed
2 tsp grated fresh ginger
1 pouch dhal spice blend
Salt to taste
4 tbsp vegetable oil

Add the water, lentils, garlic, ginger and the spice blend and salt to taste to a medium saucepan.
Place a third of the onion slices, preferably of a similar size, into a non-stick frying pan with the oil and set aside. Add the remaining two thirds of the onion to the lentils.
Bring the lentils to the boil and set to a steady simmer for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring every now and then. By now the lentils should have thoroughly broken down to give you a sauce with a creamy consistency. Add more water to the pan if required.
At this stage fry the onions on a high heat to a deep golden brown.
Pour the onions and the oil over the lentils – being careful as the oil will sizzle and may spit – and stir through.

Suitable for home freezing.

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