The Independent review Curry kits….and we’re in it!

A photo of the Independent reviews of the best curry kits

Oh my gosh, we’re in The Independent Review of the 8 best curry kits and what a review! Have a read here:

I was so just so pleased that they really understood what we’re trying to do with our Deluxe Curry Kits and chose us as Best for Curry Lovers.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

“The recipes are easy to follow and mouth-wateringly delicious; we thought the chicken curry was exceptional and loved the way Yasmin talks you through each step with handy hints.”

“The competition really was tough. Curry is such a broad spectrum……. we fell hard for the Punjabi home cooking style of Scotia Spice

If you get a chance check out the author Joanne Gould’s fabulous food blog at 

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