The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift for a Curry Lover


It’s a never-ending dilemma: Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas…. What am I going to get him now.

I don’t know about you but the men in my life have been given every present I can think of, from books and techie gadgets to the more adventurous. Flying lessons or zip wiring anyone?

Oh, and then there is the downright bizarre – they seemed like a good idea at the time. Past purchases have included bike-shaped pizza cutters, marmite flavoured chocolate and dinosaur slippers. When totally lacking inspiration I resort to the ironic gift… designer odd socks and personalized aprons. The hours I’ve spent looking for the perfect gift for him.

This father’s day I can’t promise to solve all gifting problems for every man in your life – but I’m pretty sure we can help you out with some of them. Just use our short and completely tongue in cheek questionnaire!

Question 1: Does He Cook?

A: often
B: sometimes
C: never but I really wish he would

Question 2: Does He Like Spices?

A: he loves them
B: he loves them but has no idea what to do with them
C: pepper terrifies him – but spice is the variety of life

Question 3: Is He A Foodie?

A: he lives for food
B: not really but he loves a curry
C: no – but I am!

If your answers are any letter at all, why not try one of our curry spice kits as a Father’s Day Gift? They contain family recipes passed down through the generations that gives an authentic Punjabi Food experience – and best of all they are genuinely easy to follow.

He’ll get a packs of our individually selected spices, he’ll be shown exactly how to use them and in our large Indian curry kits he can even have fun with our unique spice tasting guide.

Whether he’s a curry-lover, a foodie, an aspiring cook or just looking for a bit of a change our Indian curry kits (made in the UK) is the answer.

Let him buy his own socks this year!

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